11:52 pm - Sun, Aug 10, 2014

Tasting “Awesome Sunday” @ The Bowery House

Sunday August 3rd, 2014

Hosted by: Sprayground and Tripset

On an overcasted Sunday afternoon, the Bowery House in New York City was taken over with a BBQ, a Jello wrestling competition with celebrity judges, and some live music.

* The calm before the storm…

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10:29 pm

Tasting “G Shock S Series Preview” @ Milk Studios

Thursday July 31st, 2014

Stopped by for a Nibble.  You can usually never go wrong with a party from Milk so we were pretty eager to come.  The party was actually on the top floor of the building so the location change was an interesting surprise.   

Oddly enough it seemed like this event was very sparse on the guest list as the place hardly seemed filled at the height of the evening.  The hors d’oeuvres they were serving were also extremely questionable in terms of combinations: watermelon and goat cheese??? Sorry but bleh….

At least the watches looked pretty cool. Oh and you can never go wrong with May Kwok spinning tunes.


12:16 am - Tue, Aug 5, 2014

Tasting “Haus”

Tuesday July 29th, 2014

Stopped by for a Nibble.  Haus had some really cool visualls accompanying really good dance music on a Tuesday night.  Random images of nature to clips of anime lit up the DJs back throughout the night courtesy of Ben Moon.  Unfortunately being a Tuesday meant the dance floor was pretty barren minus the older women dancing all by herself.  It was adorable but also kind of sad.

Loved the layout of the place as you had your upper tier bottle service crowd slightly overlooking the drunkenly dancing divas below.  I’m not sure about how well the cocktails were made but $9 for a beer was definitely ridiculous. 


11:25 pm - Mon, Aug 4, 2014

Tasting “Living New York” Conversation @ W Hotel Times Square

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Stopped by for a Nibble.  While I’m not usually a fan these speaking roundtables as they usually just turn into a bunch of people complaining about something or other, tonight had a few highlights.  Mainly from Paul Haggis, director of Crash, making snarky remarks and saying the awesome line -

"What I really love about New York is it’s so fucking dirty."

Amen Paul.  I really wanted to hear more from Prabal Gurung as he seemed to be further displaced from the other guests but he was drowned out so constantly I think he gave up :/

The venue itself was very nice and intimate and I could image bringing a date her for cocktails after work.  Couches, low lighting, and low music would definitely make for easy conversation.


10:53 pm

Tasting “Cosmo Summer Fun” Event @ Hudson Terrace

Monday July 28th, 2014

Stopped by for a Nibble.  A pretty cool event we unfortunately arrived too fashionably late for.  The flavored cocktails definitely kept us in good spirits as we goofed off at the GIF photo booth and eventually got our hair colored.  Yes it was super fabulous.

We’ve been Hudson Terrace before but this time we were surprised not to be on the rooftop but somewhere in between.  They had a small outdoor patio that felt like someone’s backyard deck.  It was nice and relaxing but just extremely windy.  Tasty party.  Also got a swag bag full of products I’m not sure I’ll ever use but thanks regardless :p


10:30 pm

Tasting “DeBilzan Wine Launch” @ Marriott Hotel Central Park

Wednesday July 23rd, 2014

Stopped by for a Nibble.  While not exactly a huge fan of the art, who else can say they have their own pieces on the bottoms of wine they serve at their own party? Not I, sir. Not I.

Tonight was pretty run of the mill in terms of art parties go but the hotel has a nice little outdoor patio that made for a nice retreat from all the wine and dining.  Will definitely keep this place in mind if they decide to throw another party.


11:51 pm - Sun, Jul 20, 2014

Tasting “S Magazine’s S Summer Sling Party” @ Gilded Lily

Wednesday July 16th, 2014

Hosted by : S Magazine, Jens Stoltze, and Travis Bass

Music provided by: Tommy Saleh, Atom K, and Jamo Wilo


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2:21 am - Thu, Jun 19, 2014

Tasting “Find Your Fortune” Presented by Playboy and Miller @ Up&Down

Tuesday June 17th, 2014

Hosted by: Playboy and Miller Beer

Music provided by: Chelsea Leyland and music performance from Ludwig and Steigler 

Considering we somewhat got rejected from Up&Down before, I wasn’t sure if we would ever get around to making a second attempt.  I guess when you hear Playboy is throwing an event though, how could we pass?


* Taste the rainbow?

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